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Quick Shoelaces

SKU Quick Shoelaces


Say goodbye to traditional shoelaces and hello to the QuickShoelace! This innovative product eliminates the need for tying shoes, providing a hassle-free experience for people of all ages and abilities. The QuickShoelace is easy to install and adjust, and is designed to fit any type of shoe. With its durable and stretchy material, the QuickShoelace provides a comfortable and secure fit. Whether you're an athlete, senior, or someone with limited mobility, the QuickShoelace is the perfect solution for you. Upgrade your shoe game today with the QuickShoelace!


  • Metal Branded box
  • Metal puller with Q logo -2x
  • Elastic length 1,2m, which can be cut on the right length – 2x
  • Metal buckles (round or spikes) – 4x
  • Metal sliders or stoppers for regulation (size of the shoe). – 4x
  • Screws with stick, to prevent unscrewing – 4x