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Bedroom Equipment Buyer's Guide

Benefits of adjustable homecare beds and bedroom equipment

Bedroom equipment and aids help make the bedroom a comfortable, safe and functional space for the occupants and their carers.

Adjustable homecare beds provide a number of benefits for the user and their carer. Users can easily change positions, increasing comfort when resting and sleeping, improving circulation, reducing the risk of pressure sores and allowing the user to position themselves for activities, such as reading, watching television or eating.

Homecare beds also benefit the carer. Being able to adjust the bed, aids the support person when doing tasks such as bathing, or therapies and treatments. An adjustable bed can also benefit the user and the carer during transfers in and out of the bed. Adjusting the position and height of the bed helps in safely transitioning in and out of the bed.

There are a number of options when it comes to bedroom equipment which can be used in conjunction with a homecare bed to support the user and their carer in achieving a comfortable and functional environment for resting and sleeping, such as pressure care mattresses, pillows, rails, bed cradles, self help poles and more.

What type of bedroom equipment is right for you?

Providing safety, comfort and support for the user when both sleeping and awake is an important consideration when purchasing bedroom equipment. You should consider the following questions to help determine the right type of bedroom equipment for yourself, or your loved one:

  • How much time will be spent in bed each day?

    For people with very limited mobility who spend a large amount of time in bed, they are at high risk of developing pressure sores. It is very important to select a bed which will provide a range of positioning options. Importantly, you should also look into pressure care mattresses. Open Mobility stock both static foam pressure care mattresses and air inflation pressure care mattresses. We recommend discussing with your Occupational Therapist which type of mattress will work best for your individual situation.

  • What position options do you need?

    At a basic level, most homecare beds have electronically adjustable head and foot sections. For more options there are beds offering adjustable height settings, or even a rotating section to assist the user with going between standing, sitting and lying positions.

  • Have you considered a companion bed?

    Companion beds can be an ideal solution for couples, partners, and caregivers who wish to share a bedroom. The companion bed is completely stationary, with no moving parts at all, and allows a partner or parent to sleep alongside the adjustable bed.

  • What safety and assistive aids do you need to make the bedroom a more functional space?

    In addition to beds and mattresses, we supply bedroom equipment and accessories which can help transform the bedroom into a safe and functional environment for both the user and the carer. For example, self help poles assist the user to reposition or transfer in and out of bed and bed rails can be added for users who are at a high risk of falling.

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Need more help?

If you need help with choosing bedroom equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our friendly team can work with you or your Occupational Therapist to provide a bedroom equipment solution to best suit your needs.