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Wheelchairs Buyer's Guide

Benefits of wheelchairs

Wheelchairs provide increased independence and ease mobility for users and their carers. There are numerous types of wheelchairs, catering to varying levels of mobility restrictions and the specific needs of the user.

Wheelchairs are a great mobility aid to increase quality of life for their users. People who are able to self propel a manual wheelchair, or operate a power wheelchair independently find themselves able to enjoy a level of freedom to undertake daily activities such as work, study and social activities.

Users with reduced upper and lower body mobility, who are unable to operate a wheelchair themselves, benefit greatly from the ability to travel with ease, with the assistance of a carer.

What type of wheelchair is right for you?

To help determine which type of wheelchair will best suit your needs you should first consider how you will use it.

  • Do you have a temporary, or permanent mobility restriction, but you still have the upper body physical ability to self propel a wheelchair?
  • Do you have a mobility restriction and are unable to self propel a wheelchair, but have the ability to operate the controls on a power wheelchair?
  • Do you require assistance from a carer to propel your wheelchair?
  • Will you use your wheelchair indoors, or outdoors, or both?
  • Do you require a wheelchair with tilt in space capabilities?
  • How will you use your wheelchair for vehicle travel? Do you need a wheelchair which can fold down to fit into your car, or do you have access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

We recommend consulting with your Occupational Therapist for assistance with determining the most appropriate type of wheelchair to suit your mobility restrictions.

Caring for your wheelchair

Wheelchairs are designed to be low maintenance, but like any mechanical appliance components wear over time. Regular upkeep, maintenance and servicing will ensure your wheelchair remains operationally safe and running well.

Upkeep and maintenance such as checking tyre pressure, checking that nuts and bolts are tight and cleaning the chair can be done regularly by the user or their carer.

In addition you should have your wheelchair serviced annually to check and replace components such as bearings, tyres, plus the motor and electronics in power wheelchairs.

Open Mobility offer servicing and repairs for manual and power wheelchairs using quality parts and experienced technicians. We can arrange transportation for your wheelchair to and from our workshop and if required we can provide a temporary wheelchair whilst yours is being serviced.