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Mobility Scooters - Buyer's Guide

Benefits of mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are a fantastic aid for people with reduced mobility.

They are designed to help people move around with ease, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Mobility scooters can be used in conjunction with other forms of transport, some smaller scooters can be dismantled and carried in the boot of your car.

Alternatively, in some circumstances mobility scooters can be used in place of a car; because of their ease of use and travelling at low speeds users are able to operate them more safely and confidently than a car. 

The use of a mobility scooter can help to improve the user’s quality of life by providing independence to carry out daily activities, such as: running errands, shopping, visiting friends, participating in social clubs and attending community events.

Are you suited to a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are designed for people with reduced mobility who have the physical and cognitive ability to operate a small vehicle safely.

In order to safely operate a mobility scooter you need to have the ability to:

  • Operate hand controls and be able to steer the vehicle
  • Turn your head to look for pedestrians and traffic
  • Remain balanced when travelling on a slope or uneven ground
  • Remain focused and be cognitively aware of your surroundings throughout the duration of your trip
  • React quickly and with confidence to unexpected hazards
  • Get on and off the scooter without assistance
  • Walk small distances unaided, or with a walking aid you can attach to your scooter

Importantly, mobility scooter users should be familiar with and have their route planned prior to setting off. They should also have a plan in place to act upon if they end up in a situation unexpected or unfamiliar, e.g. their scooter gets a flat battery, or they end up in an unfamiliar location.

We strongly advise consulting with an Occupational Therapist prior to purchase to determine your suitability for a mobility scooter.

What type of scooter is right for you?

To help you decide what type of scooter is best suited to your individual needs, you should first determine what you use it for.

  • Do you want a small scooter for occasional use to help you get around inside at home or something you can dismantle and take in the car with you to help get around the shopping centre. If this is the case, do you have the physical ability to pack down and lift a small scooter into your car?
  • Do you want a scooter to help you travel short distances outside of the home, such as going to your local shops, or visiting a friend in your neighbourhood?
  • Do you need a more robust scooter that you can rely on instead of a car for longer trips outside of your suburb?

Small Mobility Scooters

  • Price bracket$1,790 - $3,590
  • Range per chargeContact our team
  • User weight limitUp to 136kg

Shop Small Mobility Scooters

A small mobility scooter may suit your needs if you are after something compact. Many small scooters can be folded or disassembled to fit into the boot of your car. Some small scooters can even be taken as checked baggage when travelling.

Their small size makes them maneuverable and ideal to use indoors on flat surfaces. Small mobility scooters are generally not best suited to outdoor use. Their small wheels can be unsteady on uneven ground and they can lack the power required to travel up steep hills, additionally their compact batteries provide less range per charge.

Mid-Sized Mobility Scooters

  • Price bracket$2,990 - $3,990
  • Range per chargeContact our team
  • User weight limitUp to 150kg

Shop Mid-Sized Mobility Scooters

A mid-sized mobility scooter may be the perfect compromise for people wanting a scooter which is reasonably compact and easily maneuverable, with the ability to journey outdoors. Mid-sized scooters are ideal for travelling outdoors on footpaths within your suburb, such as trips to the shops or visiting a friend in your local area. You may also be able to take your mid-sized mobility scooter on public transport if it is also wheelchair accessible.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

  • Price bracket$3,990 - $8,990
  • Range per chargeContact our team
  • User weight limitUp to 200kg

Shop Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Heavy duty mobility scooters are larger in size and built with more robust parts made to have more power and travel longer distances. The robust wheels and suspension make for a smooth ride and the ability to handle inclines and more difficult terrain. Heavy duty scooters generally have a larger, more comfortable seat, padded armrests and increased carrying capacity, making them suitable for longer trips. Heavy duty scooters also have a higher weight capacity, with some scooters suitable for bariatrics.

Due to their size and turning circle, heavy duty scooters are not the ideal choice for indoor use in tight spaces.

Caring for your mobility scooter

Prior to purchasing a mobility scooter there are a few additional things you should consider to make sure you care for your investment in the best way possible.

  • Before bringing your scooter home you should decide where you will store it when it’s not in use. The place where you choose to store it should be easily accessible, sheltered and have access to a powerpoint for charging.
  • To keep your scooter maintained and running well, it will need to be serviced annually. Open Mobility offer servicing and repairs for mobility scooters using quality parts and experienced technicians. We can arrange transportation for your scooter to and from our workshop and if required we can provide a temporary scooter whilst yours is being serviced. (Unsure if this is something they offer?)
  • We highly recommend looking into insurance on your mobility scooter, so you have cover against theft and damage. Your policy should have coverage for yourself and also damage to the property of others. Some providers will allow you to add your mobility scooter onto your existing home and contents insurance policy for an additional fee, otherwise you can obtain cover with a separate mobility scooter policy, using a provider of your choice.

Costs involved with owning a mobility scooter

Obviously, the initial purchase price of buying the scooter itself is an expected cost, but there are aftermarket expenses involved with owning a mobility scooter.

It is important that you make yourself familiar with these expenses when determining your suitability to owning a mobility scooter.

New mobility scooters range in price from $2,990 - $8,990, there are also accessories you may need added on to your scooter to suit your needs, such as, a canopy, rear bag, cup holder, flag, walking aid holder and so on...

You should expect regular running costs such as, additional electricity use for charging, routine servicing and maintaining. There are also unexpected costs such as breakdowns and accidental damage.

Insurance policies and associated costs will vary based on individual circumstances. We recommend contacting multiple providers for quotes to find the best policy to suit your coverage needs.

Payment Options
For eligible participants NDIS funding can fully cover, or contribute towards the cost of purchasing a mobility scooter and it may also cover the cost of servicing and repairs. In order to purchase a mobility scooter through the NDIS you will first need to make an NDIS plan.

Your NDIS plan will outline:

  • Why you would benefit from having a scooter
  • How much money you’ll need to buy your preferred scooter
  • How much money you’ll need to keep up service and maintenance of the scooter
  • Any other related expenses you’d like covered

You will also need to meet with your Occupational Therapist and discuss your intent to buy a mobility scooter. They will need to approve your suitability for a mobility scooter to help convince the NDIS assessor that a mobility scooter will benefit your way of life.

Open Mobility payment options? Do Open Mobility have payment options for bigger cost items, such as interest free or pay over time?

Need more help?

Open Mobility offers an extensive range of mobility scooters suited to a variety of uses. If you need assistance with determining which scooter will work best for your individual situation, get in contact with us, or visit one of our showrooms. Our friendly team members will help you find the perfect mobility scooter to suit your needs and budget.