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Daily Living Aids Buyer’s Guide Page

Benefits of daily living aids
Simple daily household tasks can become a real challenge for people with reduced mobility. Daily living aids can benefit the user by enabling them to carry out regular day to day tasks, increasing their independence and quality of life. Modified, or special equipment such as simple dressing aids, food preparation and dining aids, reaching aids and assisted living items greatly benefit the user to complete regular tasks with little to no help from a carer.

What daily living aids can help me?
There’s a huge range of daily living aids designed to assist users with restricted mobility or strength.

Kitchen Aids

Kitchen aids are designed to make food preparation safer and easier for people with restricted grips, or reduced strength. Some examples of kitchen aids available are: chef knives with modified handles requiring less arm strength to use, a kettle which tilts in a cradle to safely pour hot water without the need to lift the jug, or grips and openers to assist with removing jar or bottle lids.

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Dining Aids

Dining aids can help people with cognitive or physical impairments with eating and drinking independently. For instance, weighted utensils can help stabilise the hands of people with tremors and grip aids can make holding and handling utensils easier.

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Around the Home Aids

Around the home aids specialised equipment designed to help with day to day tasks such as turning on taps, opening doors and picking up items which would otherwise prove challenging for people with reduced mobility.

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Dressing and Washing Aids

Dressing and washing can be a challenge for people with reduced mobility and fine motor skills. There are aids available to help with independent dressing and washing, such as long handled sponges and applicators, sock and stocking aids and button hooks.

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