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Bathroom and Toilet Aids Buyer’s Guide Page

Benefits of bathroom and toileting aids
The bathroom can be a hazardous environment for elderly, or people with a disability. This can sometimes create stress or instill fear around bathing and toileting. Thankfully there are bathroom and toilet aids available that improve safety and enable independence in people with restricted mobility, reduced strength, or low cognitive ability.

How can bathroom and toilet aids help me?
Bathroom and toilet aids can assist individuals to achieve independence with bathroom and toilet use, or they can be used to aid a caregiver, making bathing and toileting an easier and safer process.

Bathroom Aids

Bathroom aids such as shower chairs/stools can be used when showering; they can be used in conjunction with other assistive equipment such as non-slip mats and grab rails to minimise the risk of slipping and causing injury.

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Toilet Aids

Toilet aids can increase independence, making the toileting process easier and safer for people with reduced mobility. For those who have difficulty getting on and off the toilet, toilet frames and toilet seat raisers can make the process easier and lower the risk of body strain or injury. For people who are unable to get to the bathroom without assistance a bedside or shower commode, bedpan or urinal may be options to consider.

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What are commodes?

Commodes are freestanding toilet chairs designed to help with toileting when a person has reduced mobility that can make walking to the bathroom a challenge, or they need carer support with toileting.

Bedside commodes can appear like regular stationary chairs, with a padded seat that can be lifted away revealing a concealed toilet seat and bowl. Bedside commodes are typically kept in bedrooms in easy access and can be used at times such as when a carer is unavailable.

Shower commodes are mobile chairs with an open seat, with options of transit or self propelling wheels, allowing the user to be easily moved into the bathroom. Shower commodes can be positioned over a toilet and they can also be used in the shower instead of using a shower chair. They allow the caregiver to easily and safely move the user around when performing bathroom activities.

Both beside and shower commodes are available in different types and models catering to different sized users, from petite to bariatric.

Need more help?
We understand that bathroom and toilet habits can be a private and sensitive topic, but please don’t hesitate to reach out should you need further help or advice in choosing the right bathroom and toilet aids to suit your individual circumstance. Our professional and friendly team members can help you find the right assistive equipment to transform your bathroom into a safe and functional space.

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