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Guide to Bariatric Equipment

Why is bariatric equipment important?

Just under a third (31%) of Australian adults are considered obese.

Having appropriate and high quality equipment available to cater to the individual needs of bariatric users is incredibly important to improving the comfort and quality of their daily lives. Carers also need quality equipment rated to meet the size of bariatric users to safely transfer and move the users both inside and outside the home.

Whilst there are no set design guidelines for bariatric equipment, it is important to know the weight and size of the user to ensure the equipment you select is rated to meet the specifications of the user.

Bariatric Beds and Mattresses

Homecare beds with a heavyweight rating combined with pressure care mattresses provide a comfortable and safe place for bariatric users. Homecare beds can be adjusted into different positions allowing the user to find a comfortable position for both resting and sleeping. Their ability to adjust positions enables a safer way to transfer in and out of bed, reducing strain and risk of injury on the user and their carer.

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Bariatric Chairs

Bariatric utility chairs are ideal for dining and household activities. They are typically made with robust materials, a wider seat and some with a high back, ideal for supporting larger users.

Bariatric lift chairs are engineered with more robust materials and heavy duty mechanisms allowing them to lift a higher weight capacity. Lift chairs are ideal for bariatric users, reducing strain when transferring in and out of the chair and also allowing for different positioning and pressure care.

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Bariatric Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are a great aid for users with reduced mobility, providing a safe and convenient method of travel, increasing independence. Heavy duty mobility scooters are engineered with more robust materials, have a higher weight capacity and a wider seat.

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Bariatric Wheelchairs

KKKKWheelchairs provide users with the ability to safely move around inside and outside the home independently, or with help form a carer. Bariatric wheelchairs provide a larger, stronger frame, durable upholstery and are engineered with heavy duty mechanisms catering to the larger user. KKKK

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Bariatric Walking Aids

Stability and strain can be an issue when walking for bariatric people. Walking aids are great for bariatric users, they help take some of the weight off the body when walking, reducing the impact on their joints and also increasing stability.

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Bariatric Bathroom Aids

The bathroom can be a very hazardous environment, particularly for people with reduced mobility. Bariatric bathroom aids can increase stability, lowering the risk of falls and increasing the user’s independence in this space. Equipment such as, over toilet aids, commodes, transfer benches and grab rails can be utilised to make the bathroom a much safer space for the bariatric user and their caregiver.

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Lifting and Transferring Aids

Transferring and moving bariatric people can pose a great risk to their carers. Using assistive devices designed to cater to bariatric users will provide a safe option when manual handling, reducing the risk of falls, strain and injury to both the user and their carer.

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Need more help?

At Open Mobility we offer a variety of equipment suitable for bariatric users. Get in touch with us and our friendly team can help find the right equipment to suit your individual needs or the needs of your loved one.